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Don is a Master Jeweler. He is more of a Craftsman than a slick retailer. For more than 30 years his passion has been developing the art of being able to romamce Gold, Silver and precious gems into beautiful arrangements, configurations and designs. He also handles jewelry repairs locally, for your security and speed.

Don's specialty is helping you achieve your "Special" symbol of your love and affection.  Although he does have access to all the wonderful standard designs popular today, he is not limited to what is on the shelf or in the catalog.

Don can help you design your own unique custom jewelry.  You can choose to modify an existing wax design, or Don can create your own unique piece.   He will patiently explain the process, show you options, and sketch your design. 

Once you have decided which treatment will be best for you, you choose if you want to re-use your old gold or stones from other jewelry that you do not wear anymore, or Don can supply new.  This is a perfect way to incorporate grandmother's or other heritage jewelry into pieces that fit today's fashions and needs while honoring their legacy.

And you get to create your ring, pendant, or earrings with your own unique look.  Let Don's craftsmanship and experience guide you easily through the process.  Your new creation will make you look and feel great!

Schedule a no-cost design appointment with Don where you both can explore the possibilities.

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