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Bear Claw Buckle and Pendant ElkIvory_335.jpgYou've tramped the forest, climbed the mountain,stood stone-still in the crisp early morning sunrise justto be in the right spot at just the right time -- and now the game is yours.

After the hunt we sportsmen and women
relish celebratingourmemories of those special huntswith Trophy Jewelry.Your memoriesdeserve full respect and honor.Trophy Jewelry needs to be as unique and special as that very moment

Don, an avid sportsman himself,brings this special awe to your custom Trophy Jewelry, whether it's Elk Ivory Rings, Elk Ivory Pendants, Elk Ivory Earrings, Bear Tooth Buckles, Bear Tooth Pendants, Antler Earrings, or Arrowhead Earrings. He will help you design your own creation, or he can modifystock designs. Don's 30 plus years as a Master Goldsmith and Jeweler means your memorieswill befully expressed in your special item with the finest craftsmanship and top quality.

Talk with Don atDon's Jewelry (208) 523-0055 or bring your trophy in and find out what can be created for your special memories. Browse our Trophy Jewelry galleries (left)to see different treatments he has provided.

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